Friday, March 9, 2012

Pin It Friday!

Time for another Pin It Friday! This weeks theme is for my home. I've been collecting and dreaming of a new house since we moved here to VA. Trying to sell our home in Colorado has been a real challenge, so we are currently in an apartment. And I will tell you, going from an 1500 Sq. ft. place to 937 sq. ft. has been a real killer. We have a storage unit crammed full of furniture and home items (like half of what was my living room, kitchen, and study)! So until then--a girl has to dream--and pin!

My first inspiration comes from Idea Interiors in Montreal. You can follow her blog here. I really like this idea for a wall gallery--very simplistic, modern, classic, and stylish. What do you think?

                                                                                          Source: via Kate on Pinterest

My next pin is such a great idea. It comes from Young House Love. This is a terrific blog that has been featured nationally on many websites and magazines. I have no idea where this woman gets her creativity from, but I consider it a blessing!
                                                                                  Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Finally I am in love with this idea from My style is somewhat eclectic, but I am drawn to things that are natural and comfy. I love real wood and simple clean lines. This is so right up my alley.

                                                                                                Source: via Kate on Pinterest

So what are some your inspirations? I'd love you to comment and share with me! Until next time, Happy Friday!

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