Thursday, March 22, 2012

Does this make me a bad teacher?

So yeah... I teach high school social studies for those of you who don't know. Advanced Placement Government and Politics to seniors and World History to freshmen to be exact. I have been teaching seniors for the last 8 years of my career and I love it--until senioritis sets in. Then there is nothing more frustrating than seniors. Admit it--you all remember your senior year of high school--trying to focus (especially after you were accepted to college), warm weather, spring break, counting the days till graduation--your brain just turned to mush. As a teacher of seniors I dread it. Kids can become so unproductive and I feel like I'm herding cats most days. Why am I writing this then? Today was different... what happened you may ask? Well... let me tell you.

My 7th block AP Government seniors are really a great group of kids. Smart, kind, intelligent, and really want to know about things. I really enjoy discussions with them because they contribute so much and they love to learn. But today to my surprise we flew through things--what took me 90 minutes to do with others, took me 65. So what to do? W-e-lllllll.... How about turning off the lights, blasting some wave and rain sounds from the computer, and having some relaxation time with some deep breathing and mental exercises to go with. YEP. That's right... we relaxed, or mainly they did. Can't be sure, but I even think a couple of kids actually fell asleep. All I know is that as the bell rang, my kids jumped up relaxed, refreshed and so appreciative--for the time to slow down and just be. In this busy, rush-rush time my kids reminded me that it's ok to stop and relax. So if taking time out of my day to relax with them makes me a bad teacher, then I guess I am.

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