About Me

You know those essays that you have to write for college or when your sitting in a interview and the interviewer asks you to describe yourself? Harder than it sounds don't you agree. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to share more of myself...so I guess I should start from the beginning. 

I'm a super-hero in training or at least I like to think I am. My super hero power-- that's easy--juggling. Why juggling? Well, I am a mommy to a wonderful toddler Mr. D, a wife to a great husband who is probably even more busy than I am, and high school teacher to some great kids. My days start early and ends late, but I love what I do, need to work on who I am, and keep focused on the balance that I want to achieve in my life. I try to be a better person everyday, to do a little bit more for others, and take care of me and those I love. It's a daily struggle--and thus I juggle. I have dreams of doing some crazy big things--visit my Italian family's roots, win the lotto so I can become more philanthropic, visit New Zealand and see all the places the Lord of the Rings movies were made (you know you want to as well--it's freakin' beautiful), return to playing the piano and the violin again, ditch my teaching job to become a motivational speaker for teachers and students... I know... I dream big.

What a ham!
A bit more about my life... I married the man of my dreams. I admit-I am a serious type A personality, but with type B tendencies... and my husband keeps me sane and that I love. Oh, don't get me wrong...there are things about him that drives me crazy--his inability to hang up a piece of clothing or how he stacks bazillions of dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is right there, but he makes me laugh, and reminds me that I need to calm down, slow down, and relax...it will be ok.  I am amazed at his ability to meet new people, to smile and joke, and remain calm in traffic. We love to talk, share ideas and viewpoints, books, and we are both history nuts--what's not to love. Back of ladies... he's mine!

Giving the camera our best cheesy smiles :)
My son, a.k.a. the love of my life, is such a clown. His smile can light up a room, and is quite the ladies man. He is a nut and makes me laugh and pull out my hair at the same time. He is a climber--and by climber I mean table, tv cabinet, couch, book cases-- and like me, an outdoor lover.  He can charm the crankiest of people and it doesn't matter where we go... "he's so cute" or "he's so adorable" is bound to follow. Oh... and did I mention smart as a whip--he's already got part of his ABC's down and can count to 24. Woo Hoo! I know--can you say proud momma?

I am a high school social studies teacher. Been teaching for 15 years now and I love my job. Yes, there are days when I want to pitch it all and scream in frustration, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I really enjoy the school I work at, it has such as positive vibe, and my students are great kids. It makes getting up to go to work easy. And speaking of getting up to go to work, I need to head to bed... it's a school day tomorrow!