Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Open Letter to my favorite teachers...

To all my former teachers and current friends (who just happen to be teachers too)--

How can I thank you for not only instilling me in me the love of learning, but for setting the most amazing example of what it means to be a gifted and caring teacher? I have always tried to make my kiddos feel about learning and love the way you made me feel. It is because of you that I am who I am today--a teacher.

Some of my most cherished moments of school are the amazing projects you enabled me to do. I remember running home to share my newest Letter People or waiting with anticipation to find out the Biology cheer of the week. I remember being given the gift of music through singing and playing in the orchestra--honors choir performances, tryouts, musicals, and my favorite spring show every year. I remember fundraising my tail off to attend one of the most amazing hands on experience in government (i.e. Close-Up) in Washington D.C I have ever been to or watching you stand on a desk, shouting the words to the preamble of the Constitution, just to make a point. I think it was during those days that I developed my LOVE of all things politics and history.

I also probably owe a much belated thank you for all the hours of tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics many of you did just so I could get my B. Or an apology for trying to cheat on my spelling test in 5th grade because I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to spell the word neighbor. I swear to this day, that is the only time in my life I have ever tried to cheat-- and getting caught was most likely the best lesson I could ever learn--plus now I know how to spell neighbor and neighborhood to this day without batting an eye! It was a difficult lesson to learn then and one that I have to teach more than a few of my own students now.

And to those of you now who give me such inspiration--can I just say that you ROCK!?! Where else can I feel safe in my "social studies bubble" or vent my problems out and know that someone will be there to give me a hug or better yet chocolate and a Dr. Pepper. Who else can save the day with an lesson plan, help me through the day with an understanding smile, hold my head when I  get sick at school (yes folks, it's happened to me more than once!) or celebrate a students' success? You give of yourselves--not only to me--but to kids. You chaperone field trips, dances, and share in a perfect moment of graduation...and so much more. You really are the Bees Knees!! If only more people could see you the way I do...

Thank you!!!

Love always,

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  1. Kate, that is wonderful!!! You have some time on your plate making nice notes for people. Are you on spring break right now and reflecting?