Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

It's time for summer!  Too often I make up a list of things I'd like us to do as a family and then {POOF} summer is over and I don't get to even half of them. Last year we were in the midst of a move, starting new jobs, and discovering a new city so our list got thrown to the wind. This year I am much more determined to do enjoy a summer filled with family fun. While scouring the web for ideas of activities near us, I came across the Happy Family Movement's Summer Bucket List Challenge. What an awesome idea and I immediately signed our family up. There are over 1000 families participating--how exciting!!! I'm looking forward to a fun filled summer. So without further ado, I present to you the Innes Family 2012 Summer Bucket List Challenge!

  • visit Grandma Tenney
  • visit Grandma and Poppa Tyler
  • swim at the beach on Lake Michigan
  • see the Thomas the Train Experience
  • make homemade ice cream
  • visit the water park with Felicity and CJ
  • go camping
  • attend a Friday at Five concert together
  • have a picnic at the park
  • feed the ducks at the local pond
  • plant flowers
  • go mini golfing
  • go to the National Zoo
  • go strawberry picking
  • see fireworks together
  • swim at the pool
  • go to a carnival 
  • ride horses
  • visit a petting zoo. 

I will most likely update the list with more ideas and I will definitely add links to relevant posts as we cross things off.  Have a  great start to your summer everyone.

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  1. By Luray, there's a drive through safari. You buy buckets of feed and animals like zebras, camels, bison come up to your car windows and eat from the buckets! Might be something little man would like!

    Luray caverns also has a maze right next to it that would be fun him to exhaust himself in!