Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bucket List Update #1

This past week we finally crossed off one of our bucket list items. Swimming at the pool. The pool at our complex opened quite late this year due to repairs (can we say earthquake anyone?) So we had to make due with other exciting things (running in the park, daily walks, slides and swings) to tide us over until it was ready. And on a hot humid day we were ready to try it out.

To be honest, Duncan really wanted nothing to do with it. He fought us every step of the way getting his swim diaper and suit on, and lord, don't get me started on the shoes. We had to fake it and say we were going on our evening walk--early. What you say? You don't go walking wearing your swim suits and carrying towels, grapes, a new floatie, a waterbottle and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Well, we do.

As we got closer to the pool, you could hear other children playing in the water, and that pipped his interest, especially when he saw the large inflatable beach ball flying through the air (leave it to a ball to get my son jazzed about the pool). He went right for the gate and wanted to go in. A few minutes later after unloading all our stuff, getting shirts off and floaties on, we took our first tentative steps to the pool. Holy moo cow was the water cold, but my son looked around, and jumped into his daddy's waiting arms. From there it was all play time.The hubs and Duncan splashed around and I finally got in and used to the cold water. 
Checking out the turtle on my floatie.
Here I go!!! Jump!
Splash, splash, with daddy.
45 minutes later, both of us could see that Duncan was doing a bit of shivering (yes the water was that cold, which makes me think that our place needs to get a solar heater cover, but that's another time) and we started wrangling the boy to get out. You would have though we were sending him away for ever from all the crying and pleading to stay in. Thank goodness for the peanut butter sandwich and grapes--they made a great distraction. (Yes, I do have my moments of brilliant forethought) And after a quick bite to eat and drying off we headed home promising a warm shower, brushing our teeth--which is one of his favorite things to do-- and Thomas the Tank Engine on the Sprout channel before bed. Overall, it was a great memory and fun time for our first bucket list event. And... I think we might just have a real water baby on our hands.

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