Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Story: A Boy and His Balloon

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Our family has been a bit busy (a.k.a. crazy) for the past two weeks, so Valentine's kind of sneaked up on us. No date night, candy, flowers, or gifts, but instead homemade baked potato soup, crusty bread (for Duncan and myself) and ice cream for dessert. Simple and my husband and I loved it. But what to do for a rowdy 21 month old? Simple...a balloon.

Since the age of 3 months, Dunc has been fascinated with balloons--the color, size, shape...everything about them. At first it was all about watching them float around. Now a days, it's about banging, jumping, and rough housing--and carrying his "ba-loon" where ever he goes (including is "tiny place hideout").  Hope you enjoy some pictures of smiles and love of a boy and his balloon. Happy Valentine's all.

Playing with my "ba-loon".  It's the best valentine's present ever.

Where did mommy go? By the way, did you notice my
artwork on the wall behind me? I surprised mommy with that!

Please, please, no more pictures...

Just hanging out in my tiny place (a cupboard in the bathroom)

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