Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Snowed!!

One of the things about living in Virginia is the lack of snow. It has been a big adjustment for my husband and I since both of us are northerners by birth and we moved from the west (Colorado to be exact) to our new home. We didn't have a white Christmas this year, no sledding and hot chocolate, snowmen or snow angels... it's been a bit depressing. Until yesterday. At last, we got a "dusting" -- 3 inches!!! I even had a 2 hour delay to work--heaven! Dunc who had never really played in snow (last year he was only just 9 months) was amazed and excited. So as I headed out the door clean off my car, I wrapped up Duncan in his boots, coat, hat and mittens and off we went. He had such a good time. Daddy even came out to play a bit too.

                                  After our first snowball "fight"--one of my favorite snow pictures

                                                            Playing chase in the snow

                                                                       What fun this is!

After my car was clean, a mini snow ball "fight" and making some snow angels, off I went to work, and Duncan inside to enjoy a snack with Daddy. What a perfect way to start my morning and my week. How blessed I am for this time. May you be blessed with a moment this week too.

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