Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Memories

This year was Duncan's first "real" Easter--to know what is going on and to get excited for the day. This year we did our egg hunt after nap time since our morning was pretty busy with church and other things. All I can say was that bunny brought some pretty cool things--no candy, but lots of matchbox cars (in the eggs no less), and books. Duncan had a great time. How do I know? Here's a recap of our activities from both of our perspectives with a few pictures thrown in--enjoy.

Do I like my new Big Truck? Yes I do!
  Me: "Duncan, what did we do first today?"

  Duncan: "get dressed and eat pancake mom"

  Me: "Did we go to church?"

  Duncan: Yes, mom. I colored"
  Me: "What did we eat for lunch?"

  Duncan: "Dinosaur chicken (dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets),   cumber (cucumber), grapes, and drink!"

My first Easter egg hunt!
Me: "Did the Easter bunny come"?

Duncan: "Yes, jump, jump, bunny"

Me: "What did he bring you"?

Duncan: "Big Truck, cars, and eggs." (A matchbox truck and cars and of course hunting eggs)

Hey... what's over there?

Me: "What else?"

Duncan: "And Thomas mom" (as he shows off his new book about Thomas the Tank Engine)

Me: "Did you have fun today?"

Duncan: "Alright!"

Bringing my eggs to daddy.

Our day was pretty magical.  I hope you agree, and I hope you had a blessed holiday. Now... it's time for me to make the "after Easter day" deviled eggs. YUM!

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

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