Monday, April 16, 2012

Duncan at 23 months

It really is hard to believe my little guy is almost 2 years old. For the last few months Duncan really has been talking up a storm and picking up language like a sponge. He shows almost no fear and will climb anything. It is so cool. So for the amusement of future me when I go back to read this, as well as for all of you,  here is just a small list of what Duncan can do.
Words Duncan Uses
Dad, Daddy
Mom, Mommy, Mama
Dun-kin (his name) 
Tank chu (thank you), peez (please)
cookie, ray-sen (raisins), pankak (his favorite pancakes)
muf-hen (muffin), hotdoog (hotdog)
chik-hen (chicken) and hum (ham)
drink, milk, tea (he loves iced tea)
squeeze (his word for the squeezable yogurt and applesauce)
moon, sun, star
various animals, (usually followed by the sound they make)--cow, heep (sheep), duck, kit-tey (kitty/cat), dog, bird, pig...
train, car, truck, ar-pane (airplane), fiwertruck (firetruck)
fow-er (flower)
bye-bye ____(fill in blank)
hi ____ (fill in blank)
seep (sleep)
com, mom (as he holds your hand and asks you to come with him)
red, bloo (blue), geen (green), wello (yellow), purpuh (purple), ornge (orange)
he counts--albeit not quite in order--to 20
there it is
it's dark, it's quit (quiet)
No (of course--what 2 year old doesn't say it)
alll-right (alright)
ok or I'mma ok if he falls/drops something etc.
all don (done)
bathhhh (elongate that h) and showr (shower)
knock, knock and whoz tere (who's there)
Lee-lei (his friend Eli)
outhide (outside) also repeated over and over, this time 2 inches from your face with really wide eyes.
Really.-- I could go on and on. He soaks it up and repeats.  I just love listening to him, he is trying to copy everything he hears.

Things Duncan Does
He loves putting things on his head, building with blocks, putting toilet paper in the toilet or the toilet brush, or his cars... we have to keep the bathroom doors shut and the seats down, going outside to play (swings and slides are his favorite), stopping to smell and/or pick a flower, and eating his beloved pancakes, blueberry muffins, bananas (really any fruit). He is forever building pillow forts, loves being tickled, talking, he plays by himself quite a bit, "reads" books to us and looks at pictures, can turn on and unlock our phones if he is given the opportunity,  and is nuts for Dinosaur Train and Thomas the Tank Engine. He has such a gentle soul but is stubborn as a mule and will throw a mighty temper tantrum if given the opportunity.  
I'm sure there's so many other things that I cant think of right now but he is so fun and I completely love this boy... he is so hilarious!

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