Friday, May 25, 2012

Time for another Blog Share :)

Well... really, I'm not sharing a blog, it's a comic. If you are a parent or even just a friend of parents and you haven't read "ThatABaby" by Paul Trapp, you have to. The best place to find it is at Go Comics  I think I have found the comic that explains my life and all the crazy things that go with raising a child. Here are some of my favorites as of late. I hope you enjoy.

This is what my house looks like as both my husband and my son build different things every day. I expect the loop-de-loop to appear any day now. 

This would be my dinning room wall or bedroom or even living room wall if Duncan was given the chance.

Yep--we still have these nights--how about you?

Happy Friday all. Enjoy your weekend.

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