Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sesame Street Live

This year the hubs and I took Duncan to Sesame Street live for his 2nd birthday and it was quite an experience. We bought our tickets as soon as we could and ended up with GREAT seats on the floor, just to the right of the stage. Duncan was excited to go, after a bit of walking around and some Annie's bunny snacks, he settled in for the show. It was a bit overwhelming at first we could tell--he stuck to me like glue-- but by the time Elmo's World started he was dancing in the isles. As with any two year old, time is of the essence and we made it through about 3/4th of the show before Duncan just couldn't handle much more--I'm just happy he made it through intermission! We headed to lunch at a restaurant in town for hotdogs, bbq, and hamburgers and by the time the three of us got into the car to head home, Duncan was fast asleep for a 3 HOUR nap (it was heavenly!). All in all... a pretty good birthday celebration if I do say so myself. Now, just if they had a Thomas the Tank Engine traveling show... we'd be set for life!

Our seats, right up front near the stage. The characters came down and visited us a couple of times during the show.

Having our Annie's bunny snacks.
We pretty much can't go anywhere with out these :)

The start of the show.

Duncan was a bit overwhelmed by everything at first. That quickly changed once he saw Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Ernie came down off the stage into the crowd. Duncan really wanted to meet him.

A quick picture of daddy, taken by Duncan of course.

Dancing in the isle and having a great time.

Ernie captaining the S.S. Rubber Duckie.  This was daddy's favorite part.

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  1. Looks like fun! I can't wait to take Felicity when she's older. Glad you all had a good ime.